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Helping Stroke Survivors to be back on their feet, literally.

Having stroke is unfortunate, but at least we now have the tools to help patients get back on their feet.

Fleming MedLab Stroke Survivor to walk again

Built by leading scientists and engineers in Biomedical and Reahb Science


Over 20 high impact SCI journals published in soft robotics engineering and physiotherapy.

Our team comprises of engineers, physicist, physical therapists. Bringing together our expertise in soft robotics, and clinical physiotherapy experience.

Stroke is scary. Even more troubling is the long and tough recovery journey.


Over 50% stroke survivors suffer from walking impairments and gravely affected their daily lives.

>80% of stroke survivors require some form of external assistance for daily activities.

Risks of falling

The foot drop issue has led to frequent falling and injuries.

Subsequent strokes

Stroke patient has 35% higher chance to suffer from another stroke incident.

Mental health

The tough life has led to high rate of suicide attempts and depression.

No one fixed it yet?

The current tools you’re using in rehab center or hospitals are either so old that’s ineffective (hey, looking at you legos) or they are so expensive (heck, over USD 100,000) that most clinics can’t afford.

Not the worst part yet — they aren’t even designed for stroke recovery! Most are for paralysis or spinal cord injuries (SCI).

Fleming MedLab Walking

We're in the game of soft robotics.
What we can do differently then?

(This is for you, therapist.)

We are designing robots that are not only safe and comfortable, but so lightweight that therapists can focus on designing the rehab treatment plan instead of operating the machines.


The traditional mechanical tools are prone to the risk of gear overturning — injury again.


Soft robot is like wearing a sock or a glove, greatly improve the patient's rehab experience.


So light that the patient can wear and use it on their own without the need of another therapist to operate.

Also something you're familiar with. We focus on neuroplasticity.

(If you're family member of a stroke patient, you may wanna read below.)

Our brain is more amazing than you think. Neuroplasticity is the ability of our brain learns and adapt and changes its own structure.

Good news — despite stroke patients unfortunately have damaged their neurons (brain cell), they haven’t lost this ability. And unlike other stroke rehab tools, our wearable robots are designed specifically for this.


Yup, it’s hard to trust us alone.

We now have 2 US provisional patents for our products.
We are also working with different regulatory and government bodies.

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We work with hospitals, clinics, rehab centers with stroke patients

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